Herbs, seasonings, seeds

Use the power of nature, contained in medicinal and spicy plants,
to be healthy and happy!

Cultivated in ecologically clean conditions, hand-picked, naturally dried aromatic teas, herbs, seasonings, seeds.

One of the areas that we deal with in Bulgaria in our eco-homestead is the cultivation and harvesting of spices and medicinal plants. We use them as teas, infusions, seasonings. We also harvest spices and flowers seeds.

Some of the medicinal and spicy herbs grow wild in our estate. This is the yarrow, lovage, St. John’s wort and others. Thanks to this, we can gather the roots of a lovage, for example, and prepare from them a wonderful seasoning.

Herbal bio-teas, medicinal herbs and seasonings from Bulgaria

We grow everything in the eco-homestead according to the principles of natural farming, without the use of chemical mineral fertilizers and plant protection products. Therefore, our herbs, teas and collections will bring you maximum benefit.

All processes: harvesting, drying, slicing, packaging are done manually in natural conditions.

You can get the following herbs from us, used both in cooking and
in traditional medicine:

Sage — Salvia Officinalis. It is used for infections and inflammation of the respiratory tract (tonsillitis, stomatitis, pneumonia), for diseases of the liver, kidneys, etc.
Thyme — Thymus serpyllum. Helps with colds, cough, bronchitis, rheumatism, heart and nerve diseases, to reduce the acidity of gastric juice. Excellent seasoning for vegetables, meat dishes, pastes, wildfowl.
Peppermint — Menta. Reduces nausea and vomiting, enhances appetite, improves digestion, has anti-inflammatory, soothing, antispasmodic and analgesic effects. It is added to soups, bean dishes, various types of meat, spinach puree.

Chamomile — Matricaria chamomilla. It can be used in the treatment of upper respiratory tract, bronchitis, laryngitis, gastric ulcer, neurosis and migraine, nausea and vomiting, constipation, and liver and kidney diseases.

Yarrow — Achillea Millefolium. It is recommended in the absence of appetite, gastric colic, dyspepsia, diarrhea. Outwardly — in the treatment of wounds, inflammation of the oral cavity.

Lovage — Levisticum officinale. It tones the body, stimulates the excretory system, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, a good antiseptic. Fragrant seasoning for soups, meat and fish dishes.

Tarragon — Artemisia dracunculus. It facilitates breathing, strengthens sleep, normalizes the acidity of gastric juice. It is used as seasoning for omelettes, dishes from eggs, fish, potatoes, stewed vegetables, mushrooms.

Oregano — Origanum vulgare. Soothes coughs, relieves cramps in pains in the stomach and intestines, soothes nerves. Perfect seasoning for pies and pizza, baked meat.

Parsley — Petroselinum crispum. It helps with diabetes, atherosclerosis, anemia, avitominosis, cardiovascular diseases, improves blood circulation, stimulates appetite, cleanses the kidneys, and acts as a tonic. It is used in cooking as the main seasoning for meat and fish dishes, as well as in salads.

Savory — Satureja montana. Traditional Bulgarian seasoning. It is used for pain in the intestines, vomiting, some renal and liver diseases.

Rosemary — Rosmarinus officinalis. Suitable for meat and fish dishes, sauces, spaghetti, soups, potatoes, cabbage, tomato, salads. It is used for flatulence, headaches, dizziness, neurosis, neuralgia, joint diseases. Improves memory, concentration, blood circulation.

Package cost (20 gr.) — 2 euro

Order tonic and soothing bio teas, herbal collections for the oral cavity rinsing and hair conditioner.

Herbal teas from Bulgaria

Toning herbal bio tea «For a wonderful morning». It includes: sage, thyme, lovage, nettle, St. John’s wort. Strengthens the body, improves mood.

Soothing herbal bio tea «For a nice evening», which includes mint, chamomile, oregano and lavender. Relieves stress, soothes nerves.

Herbal collection «For healthy gums and fresh breath». Includes sage, yarrow, mint, savory. Strengthens the gums, reduces their bleeding, freshens the breath.

Herbal conditioner «For beautiful hair». Includes nettle, mint, lavender, lovage flowers, rosemary. Strengthens hair, gives it shine and volume.

Package cost (40 g) — 4 euro

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